Proposed Vacant Lot Registration Ordinance

Owner or purchaser of each vacant lot must register with the Town of Fairmount Heights Office of Code Enforcement no later than 30 days after acquiring a vacant lot.  Notices may be served to, or sent via first class mail to the owner, and will be deemed received by the owner, upon personal delivery or after five days via deliver by first class mail.

The Registration must be submitted on forms from the office of the Code Enforcement for the Town of Fairmount Heights .  The following information must be included:

a) a description of the vacant lot by street address, property tax identification number and any other information in order to accurately identify the vacant lot and

b)  the name and address of the property owner (do not used a post office box number) and telephone number of the property owners of record.

The proposed fee to register a vacant lot shall be $250.00 per calendar year effective January 1st of each year.

Please complete this Vacant Lot Registration form

Proposed Vacant Registration Ordinance