Trash Collection

Residential Collection
All refuse, rubbish, trash, and garbage shall be placed in containers of not less tan ten (10) gallons or no more that twenty (20) gallons capacity.  Refuse containers shall be provided by the owner or tenant and maintained in a leak proor and sanitary condition. 
(a)  No refuse, rubbish, trash or garbage shall be placed in paper or cardboard containers.  Containers shall me 
        made of metal, or heavy-gauge  plastic, or of a type approved by the Mayor and Council and shall have     
        tight fitting lids.

(b)  No more than four (4) approved containers shall be placed at the curb for collection for any one residence.

(c)  Containers shall be placed at the curb for collection no earlier than 6:00 P.M. the day preceding  scheduled
       collections and must be removed from the curb to the rear of the property and out of public view by 8:00
       P.M. the day of collection

(d)  Commercial establishments and multi-family residence of more than three (3) units shall be exempted from
       (a) and (b), above.

(e)  Public trash receptacles shall be used exclusive for street liter.