Proposed Projects/Coming Soon

The 60th Place Park

Town of Fairmount Heights
Funded by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources 

The park is designed to create a natural park setting that will allow children the opportunity to explore nature and to become familiar with indigenous plants and other smaller species.  A splash pad, games tables, park benches, a shade structure, a drinking fountain, and trash receptacles will be installed.  The park will be completed by early spring 2017.

The Park will be located at  Market Circle between 61st Avenue and K Street.
 The Historic African American Signature Trail Initiative

The Town of Fairmount Heights was granted $75,000 by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development  through its Community Legacy Program SRP-CL- 2015 FairmountH OO4666.  Funding will be used to design and manufacturer 15 to 20  historic markers to be placed at significant African American Sties in Fairmount Heights.  Collectively, these markers will create a neighborhood walking tour and trail known as the Historic-African American Signature Trail Initiative .

See Map Below

Historic Sites Along the Historic African American Signature Trail