Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) Disaster Relief Seminar

Beginning today, Thursday, July 21st, the Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) will be hosting a series of virtual sessions for those impacted by the storms that hit on Tuesday, July 12th. Each virtual session will include presentations, Q& A sessions, and private breakout rooms with MIA representatives for residents with disaster specific questions.

Zoom Info:

Virtual sessions are being held on the following dates:

· Tomorrow, Thursday, July 21st, 12 pm - 2pm

· Friday, July 22nd, 5 pm - 7 pm

· Saturday, July 23rd, 12 pm - 2 pm

For more info, contact:  Alex D. Harris, MS, MPH

Emergency Management Specialist

Office of Emergency Management

Prince George’s County Office of Homeland Security

7915 Anchor Street | Landover | MD | 20785

Office: 301-324-4435 | Cell: 301-832-8606